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***Please note that the logistics of our meeting have changed - see here***

The Religious Society of Friends, popularly known as the Quakers, is a small but worldwide community of people, whose particular view of religious life grew out of events in 17th Century England. Friends meet once a week for Meeting for Worship, and anyone is welcome to attend.

Though the roots of Quakerism are in the Christian tradition, Friends have long recognised that many different paths lead to a common goal. Friends have no professional priests or ministers; we come together as a community of equals before God.

The form of our Meeting for Worship is very simple. Those attending enter the meeting room, take a seat and settle into the silence. This silence is a form of meditation or prayer, and after a time someone may feel moved to share a thought, a prayer, or read from scripture or some other inspirational writing.

Quakers continue to see the struggle for social justice and peace as a central expression of their religious faith.

If you’re unfamiliar with the beliefs and practices of Quakers and want to know more, the Hong Kong Meeting has a range of books and materials that can explain the subject in more detail. Or better still, come to the Meeting and stay around for a chat afterwards!

“Be still and know that I am God”

-Psalm 46:10

“A new commandment I give unto you: Love one another…”

-        John 13:34

***我們的聚會地點更改了 - 請按此***

公誼會起源於十七世紀的英國。難然規模不大,卻是一個世界性的宗教團體。每星期都奉行崇拜聚會, 歡迎有興趣人仕參加。





                                                          -詩篇 46:10

                                                          -約翰福音 13:34