Both informal and formal gatherings may be announced from time to time.  Gatherings of a formal nature, other than the regular Meeting for Worship, will be announced either verbally at a Meeting for Worship or by email, or perhaps both, by one of the Meeting's official servants.  The details of such formal gatherings, including business meetings, will be communicated by the Clerk to those whose names appear on the Contact List, which includes all members of the Meeting.  Faith and Practice may be of some further help in understanding business meetings and membership, or speak to one of the Meeting's official servants.

Ming Hua College

The Meeting makes periodic use of Ming Hua College as a place for our gatherings, renting classroom space from the college.  The college is located in Central at the bottom of the road called 'Glenealy', just up the hill from Fringe Club and next to a busy road junction. 

The college entrance gateway can be seen on Google Maps Streetview by clicking here.   To reach the classroom from that gateway: (i) proceed up the stairs into the courtyard, (ii) enter the doors into the left hand building, (iii) proceed up the stairs inside the doors to the first floor, (iv) at the landing on reaching the first floor, turn to your left, and take the door at the far end ahead of you on the left, and then (v) proceed through the door ahead of you.  

There are floor numbers next to the staircase on entry into the building.  The entry floor is floor 1, and the floor with the classroom is floor 2. The classroom is labelled as room A1.

There is a gate at the top of the stairs into the college from the street.  See the photo below.  You may need to press the top left button and state that you are here for the Quakers, before the college staff unlock the gate (push the gate after the unlock click).  There is also a gate at street level - this gate will normally be open, but if, for some reason, this gate is shut, then you may need to contact one of the Quakers in the building already, so you may want to get in contact in advance to have the contact details of at least one person who will be present if you are unsure about this.