Keeping in Contact

If you want to contact us, and you do not have any personal contact details, then you may contact the Clerk.

Alternatively use of our Google Group or Contact List may be helpful, as referred to below.

Contact List

There is a 'contact list' maintained by the Clerk or another of the meetings servants.  This list of names includes contact telephone numbers, email addresses and residential addresses, where the person would like to make these known.  Periodically this list will be updated with a revised copy sent to the people on the list. The Meeting has minuted that official notices of the Meeting will be sent to people on this list.

Google Group

We have a group email address / web forum for general communications and matters thought to be of interest. If you discern that you would like to join this, then please do request access to the group via the process outlined below. A part of the process will involve one of the group moderators being notified by email of your access request, and you may be contacted by a moderator by email to clarify your request for access or to verify your email identity.  We ask that people use the group with respect, as if you are communicating with people in person.

Joining the Google Group - what to click

In short, go to the web view of our Google group (this is also on the left hand menu), and if you see 'subscribe', then click that link.

The following text walks through the process in a little more detail. You may be looking at something like this after going to the Google group web view. You should click 'subscribe to this group', unless you think that you are already subscribed, in which case you ought to sign in.  You can then proceed through the next steps which will involve setting up a Google account if you do not already have one. If you do have a Google account, for example, if you are using Gmail for your email, then the sign up steps will be easy. However, Google accounts may also be set up for people who do not use Google as their email provider, and there is a nice video here which walks through setting up such an account for a Yahoo email address, which is equally relevant for other email providers too. You then ought to be able easily to walk through the process, but at some point you will need to wait to gain access as an email will be sent to one of the group moderators to approve your access request.  There are benefits to using a Google account, even if you don't use Gmail for your email, so perhaps you might like to bear with the technology and complete the process.

However, if you don't want to use a Google account to be included in the group, then you can still sign up to the group by email. To do this, just send an email to: rsfhkm+subscribe[AT]*.  You will need to wait for your access request to be reviewed by the group's moderators before access becomes possible.  Access to the group via the web forum is not possible via this sign up method and you will only receive emails from the group via your email provider.    If you have been put off by the technology then maybe this method is best for you.

Points to note about our Google Group

Leaving the group will be possible by sending an email to rsfhkm+unsubscribe[AT]*.   If you would like to receive fewer emails, then perhaps the functionality to control numbers of emails received, seen below, might be better than leaving the group entirely.

Currently the group is configured so that messages from email addresses that have not posted to the group before (and which are not members of the group) are sent for moderation before being posted to the group.  This is helpful in 'catching' spam email, in addition to Google's spam email filters.

Certain functions are only available for members of the Google Group if you can access the web view of the Google GroupYou will only be able to access this if you access the group via a Google account, and did not become a member of the group via the 'email only' option specified above (if you sent an email to rsfhkm+subscribe[AT]* ).  The following functions are available:

a. Clicking on the 'members' link (look a little to the 'top right' of the screen in the group web view) you can see who the members of the group are.  In order to make it easy for other people to know whether someone is or is not included in the group it would be really helpful if you could make sure that your identity is displayed so that people can see your name.  See more below.

b. Use the button and dropdown menu item called 'membership and email settings' (in the group web view - see picture) you can 
change both (i) how your identity is seen by others (see paragraph above), and (ii) how frequently you receive emails from the group, to help manage your email and notification flow.  

c. Inclusion in the group provides automatic access also, via technical wizardry, to our 'Restricted Access Site'

The 'Restricted Access Site' part of our website

The access restricted part of our website can be found via the link on the left hand menu.  Read the above notes about who has access to this part of our website.

Access to this sub-site is restricted so as not to be totally publicly available across the internet - and able to be indexed by search engines too. It's just a matter of a little privacy to have available for our website.

It's all Google this and Google that!

This website and the group email addresses are provided by Google for free, and hence the security model used is that provided by Google.

I need help with all this tech stuff!

Contact the Clerk and someone will be in contact in due course to assist.

* N.B. replace the "[AT]" by "@" when actually sending an email to any of these email addresses (and don't include the asterisk either).