Quaker Resources / 公誼會鏈接

Quaker Beliefs

What are the testimonies ? Quakers in Britain: Testimonies
What is the "Trinity" ? Not all Quakers are trinitarian Christians. Points to ponder: What did Jesus embody? What is a divine frame of mind? 

Faith & Practice

Friends Hong Kong uses the 3rd edition of Britain Yearly Meeting's Faith & Practice ("BYM F&P"), as supplemented by and as may be amended from time to time by minutes of our Meeting.   Together (BYM F&P and supplements/amendments) they constitute the Faith and Practice for our Hong Kong Meeting.  A PDF copy of BYM F&P is attached at the bottom of this web page, available by kind permission of the copyright holder, Britain Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends.

Other Quaker Faith & Practice websites that are online and might be of interest for reference are:

Friends around the World

The Religious Society of Friends maintains structures so that different groups of Friends can be in contact with each other.  Friends Hong Kong is a member of the Friends World Committee for Consultation (Asia West Pacific Section) whose website can be found here, commonly known as FWCC AWPS. The FWCC world office has a website here, which people might like to browse.

Links to other internet sites

Tokyo Quakers with a good 'about Quakers' section


Recommended books

We maintain our own library of books, but in particular many of the Pendle Hill pamphlets our Friends have found helpful.


Anthony "Tony" Reynolds, a distinguished Friend, was a founder of the Hong Kong Morris.
An interesting article about a Friend and the first non-Government newspaper in Hong Kong, amongst other matters.

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