Outreach & Concerns

Friends (Quakers) are a Christian denomination who believe in expressing our faith through our actions. Many friends of Friends misunderstand our actions like work to alleviate suffering, build peace, abolish slavery, standing up for minority rights, work on the environment etc as socially motivated. Undoubtedly our work has a social impact but the motivation is - or should be - spiritual. Thus, for example, our Peace Testimony and our witness and work for peace is spiritually and biblically based. This differentiates the Friends Peace Testimony from pacifism. Pacifism is a secular philosophical position while the Friends' Peace Testimony is based on divine teaching and revelation.


A group of Friends currently help every month or so at Crossroads, a charity in the New Territories of Hong Kong, who have such a large and varied number of initiatives going on that their website is worth a look.  Each time we go, there's something different going on!  Contact Yarrow or John if you'd like to join.