Treasurer's Page

Our Meeting relies on the commitment of people, and money. At least we have to cover our basic operating costs.
We are not currently taking any donation until our bank account application is settled. Please contact the treasurer Chris Dudgeon ( for further information.

Ways to contribute money to meeting:

(i) Regular Donations

Standing orders (or standing instructions) may be made payable to:

"Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) Hong Kong Meeting", Standard Chartered Bank Hong Kong, A/C 41121319324.

To action setting up a standing order, please go to your bank, fill in the form they have, and pay the set up fee.  If you wish your donation to be recognised by the meeting, you will need to inform the Treasurer that you have set up a standing order, and supply a copy of the form that you filled in for your bank. That will enable the Treasurer to know the date and frequency of payments (e.g. monthly on the 20th) to enable the Treasurer to track cash receipts to our bank account. 
When filling in your banks form, please put your name in the reference field so that the Treasurer can see that on our account, where your bank provides that ability.  
We respect your right to donate anonymously and there is no compulsion to provide your details to the Treasurer if you wish not to do so.

(ii) One Off Donations:

Cash and cheques may also be donated via the Treasurer who can gladly arrange receipts.  The Treasurer prefers donations to be made electronically where possible, so direct credits to the bank account given above are the preferred method for one off donations: if you wish to donate electronically and wish for a receipt, please contact the Treasurer in advance of the movement of money into our account.

The Treasurer may be contacted through the Clerk who can be emailed here
Cheques may be posted to us at our GPO Box address which can be seen here.

Receipts will be arranged for donations, either at the time of giving for one-off donations, or annually (expected to be April) in respect of regular donations.   It is important to route donations via the Treasurer if receipts are required.  In particular, for cash donations, receipts cannot be issued once a donation has physically been made.  N.B. The society does not have charitable status as of yet.

Planning Your Giving

Planned giving is very helpful for the meeting to plan.  Regular expenses and commitments in respect of ongoing concerns or charitable giving mean that it is helpful for the Treasurer to know of planned commitments to contribute, so that the work of raising additional funds is lessened.   Thank you for your understanding.

Charitable Status

Our Meeting does not yet have charitable status in Hong Kong which would allow donations to us to benefit from preferential tax treatment by the Hong Kong tax authorities.  We are actively exploring reinstatement of charitable status which we used to have but unfortunately lapsed some years ago.  If you would like your donations to receive preferential tax treatment when we do have this status reinstated, please talk to the Treasurer in advance of making any donations (including in respect of bank standing instructions).

Cash Handling Procedure

The Meeting has adopted a cash handling procedure, attached below. 
The Treasurer prefers donations to be regular and electronically made to save time with cash handling.

The Treasurer is happy to help answer questions on finances and can be contacted through the clerk.

A good link and video: